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Update Regarding Promotion of Scheme

The Professional Standards Authority has been updating BACP on the connections they've been making with the NHS in all four nations of the UK in order to promote the Accredited Voluntary Registers scheme to healthcare professionals. It is also recommending that clients and employers/commissioners check that counsellors are registered before employing them. We are finding that more and more prospective clients and employers are now calling us to check the professional status of therapists if they cannot find a counsellor's name on the Register. You can read more news, including information about the Any Qualified Provider scheme in this newsletter. pdf file AVR Newsletter

How can I get on to the Register?

Accredited members of BACP have recently been invited to remain on the Register. Members (MBACP) of BACP will be invited to apply through either:

  • Completion of a BACP Accredited Course
  • Passing the Certificate of Proficiency. This is a new method of assessment for BACP and is an online assessment of ethical practice, decision-making and knowledge. Please click here for forthcoming assessments.

If you are subject to conditions of membership under Article 12.3 you are not eligible to join the Register until satisfactory completion of the conditions.
If you are unsure about whether you are eligible to join the Register please click the button below.

If you are already a registrant then you MUST also renew your registration alongside your BACP Membership by signing the Terms and Conditions for the Register, which are available by clicking the Check Your Status button below.

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